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Tahoe Star Tours

Last updated: February 2020

Treasure of Tahoe #14

Name: Tahoe Star Tours

Location: Truckee

Best Time of Year: Summer

Explore North Lake Tahoe’s dazzling cosmic beauty like never before with Tahoe Star Tours at Northstar California Resort! Enjoy a sky full of stars while you learn just a little more about our universe.

What Is It?

  • Renowned star guide and poet Tony Berendsen gives an in-depth look at our solar system with powerful Celestron telescopes.  Tahoe Star Tours provides more than just a simple stargazing opportunity, but a deeper understanding of the universe.
  • Your stargazing tour begins with a greeting, as the group gets to know each other a little better, ask questions, and share a little bit of astro poetry with one another.
  • Next, a lively presentation from Berendsen will introduce you to the cosmos, including trivia questions with prizes! By the end, everyone becomes a star guide themselves with a newfound knowledge of our universe.
  • Finally, the end of your Star Tours journey becomes a beginning, as the group moves on to observing the cosmos for themselves with the use of powerful Celestron telescopes. Observe stars, planets, galaxies, and so much more as you witness the immense beauty beyond our planet in an innovative way.

Insider Tips

  • It can get pretty chilly at night, so be sure to dress warm for late night stargazing!
  • Astrotourism is one of the hottest new travel trends, thanks in large part to its sustainability and use of natural resources. So as you gaze at the stars, you also have the knowledge that you’re helping Tahoe stay green.
  • Before heading out on your Star Tour, be sure to research what’s happening in the cosmos that night, so you can keep an eye out for planets, stars, space stations, and more that will be prominent during your gazing experience.
  • Tahoe Star Tours is dog-friendly, but dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Enjoy a nice dinner and shopping at The Village at Northstar Village before you embark on your star tour.

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