Sustainable Travel… You can help us protect Lake Tahoe

North Lake Tahoe’s natural wonders have drawn visitors from around the world for generations. From alpine blue waters to expansive mountain peaks, the Sierra landscape is truly awe-inspiring. To protect and preserve our beloved environment, please commit to six travel pledges that will amplify environmental stewardship efforts. Rooted in preservation tactics, education and mindfulness, the pledge reminds visitors and locals alike to travel with awareness and observe the impact of your individual actions. Layered into each pledge are actionable steps to take, like participating in a beach clean-up with Tahoe Blue Crew’s, drinking Tahoe Tap from a reusable bottle, and to leave no trace no matter the adventure. Think locally by supporting small businesses and sign up for emergency alerts to stay connected with travel advisories and emergency updates.

Sustainability Blogs

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Additional resources to help you go green

Regional Alerts

Sign up for our state- of-the-art community notification system to alert visitors and residents about emergency events and other important public safety information for both Placer County and Washoe County.

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