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North Lake Tahoe is home to some of the most challenging and breathtakingly beautiful, world-class, backcountry skiing and boarding in the nation. There are several local adventure companies that offer unique backcountry tours.

Before you’re even loading your skis in the car, there’s a checklist you should be going through to ensure you’re prepared. Look at the snowpack – including how it’s been shaping up in the past two weeks. Sierra Avalanche Center posts a daily report from professional avalanche forecasters about avalanche conditions in backcountry terrain around Tahoe, which is very important to determine how you approach your backcountry adventure.

There are also nationally recognized courses offered by companies throughout the area. Truckee has Alpine Skills International – they teach great courses and have a host of different guides. Alpenglow Expeditions has guiding rights to the area and a host of different courses. Also, the Sierra Avalanche Center posts a variety of basic avalanche education information on their website, linking to avalanche education providers throughout the Tahoe region.

We are very lucky to have an incredible amount of backcountry skiing terrain with easy access and jaw-dropping views. That in combination with great road accessibility means there are a ton of locations to explore. Our Tahoe backcountry shop locals have a wealth of information regarding places to go and expertise on all types of gear… Everything you need to get out there and back safely.

Investigate the resources here to make sure your North Lake Tahoe backcountry trip is a success.


Backcountry conditions and weather throughout North Lake Tahoe can take unexpected turns. Keep a close eye on weather and avalanche risks up until an hour before departing and remember that conditions can change rapidly and unpredictably.

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Backcountry Training

Regardless of your skill level or experience, you can always learn more when it comes to backcountry outings. Local experts with intimate knowledge of the area are your best source for information.

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Backcountry Shops

Don’t venture out unprepared. Visit these backcountry experts and make sure you have everything you need to have a safe, fun and challenging trip into the North Lake Tahoe backcountry.

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