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Tahoe Lakeside Sunsets

Last updated: April 2023

Name: Winter Lakeside Sunsets

Location: Tahoe City, Kings Beach, Sand Harbor, West Shore

Best Time of Year: Winter

It’s no secret that North Lake Tahoe has some of the most gorgeous sunsets on the west coast, but did you know that winter is actually the best time to watch the sunset? The shoreline of North Lake Tahoe is the perfect place to watch the sky light up, so follow along and get your cameras ready!

What Is It?

Year-round, North Lake Tahoe is home to the most awe-inspiring sunsets featuring breathtaking cotton candy colored skies. In winter, the signature snowy scenery and glittering waters add even more beauty to the region’s sunsets for a can’t-miss viewing experience.

Where Can I Find It?

North Lake Tahoe’s beaches are some of the best places to catch stunning sunsets in the winter, from Commons Beach in Tahoe City to The Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe’s beach in Incline Village and everywhere in between.

Because sunsets happen earlier during winter months, these beaches also offer the perfect jumping off point to enjoy dinner during or after a sunset. Try these different restaurants for the perfect post-sunset meal:

In Tahoe City and Commons Beach

In Kings Beach and Carnelian Bay

In Sand Harbor and Incline Village

Insider Tips

  • Because the sun goes down earlier in the winter, visitors can enjoy the sunset before, or during, dinner without having to stay up late. So families with kids with early bedtimes or couples looking to enjoy an early dinner can enjoy this incredible view with their meal.
  • Couples looking to get romantic in North Lake Tahoe can bundle up to watch the sunset together for a truly memorable moment.
  • The alpenglow (a.k.a. the rosy light of the setting sun seen on high mountains) of North Lake Tahoe receives an added layer of beauty when mixed with the snow-covered mountains, a sight that can only be seen during the winter months.

Fun Facts

  • Alpenglow happens when light is reflected off airborne precipitation and ice crystals in the lower atmosphere and technically is only visible after sunset or before sunrise. The term “alpenglow” dates back to 19th century Germany to describe this unique phenomenon.

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Other great spots for winter lakeside sunsets in North Lake Tahoe include:

  • Hidden Beach in Incline Village
  • Donner Summit in Truckee
  • Moon Dunes Beach in Tahoe Vista
  • Speedboat Beach in Crystal Bay

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