Towns Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay, Nevada 89402

Ever been in two states at the same time? The California/Nevada state line cleaves Crystal Bay Lake Tahoe and you can actually stroll from state to the other along the cool waters of the bay. Very cool party trick. The Lake Tahoe town of Crystal Bay overlooks its namesake and sits upon a tremendous granite-boulder-strewn point. There are four lively Crystal Bay casinos with the gamut of Lake Tahoe lodging and dining, plus a tremendous helping of live entertainment.

Crystal Bay at Lake Tahoe Fun Fact

Did you know? The deepest part of Lake Tahoe is located off of Crystal Bay and measures 1,644 feet deep.

Things To Do

  • Tahoe Adventure Company

    Tahoe Adventure Company leads high quality adventure travel trips and tours with a focus on experiencing the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains, trails and brilliant waters of Lake Tahoe. Our goal is to offer the...



  • Crystal Bay Steak & Lobster House

    The crown jewel of the Crystal Bay Club, specializing in Austrailian Rock Lobster, the Steak & Lobster House has long been known as one of the finest restaurants on the North Shore. The cozy atmosphere and excellent...

  • Soule Domain Restaurant

    For over 15 years , The Soule Domain's chef and owner Charlie Soule has been cooking "Creative American Cuisine" while his brother Steve has been managing the dining room for the past 10 years. Called "a peak experience -...

  • Hey Chef! Private Chef's Service

    For the finest dining experience in Truckee-Tahoe, look no further than your own table. We are your source for the area’s premier private chefs. Each of our chefs has a unique culinary specialty, and we match you with the...

  • The Border House at Crystal Bay Casino

    Enjoy simple luxury in North Lake Tahoe's newly renovated lodging location, the Border House at Crystal Bay Casino. The Border House at Crystal Bay Casino, a three story registered historical landmark, provides 9 guest rooms...